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Why does good and critical content creation about games fail?

Because to remain good and critical within this industry often means compromising. One must bend their content to the will and machinations of large corporate structures that seek capital return above all other goals. If we at Socialist Gamers wish to be serious about the ways in which we critique capitalism, we must also be serious about the ways in which our content is constructed to subvert the system we wish to remake. With that in mind we will lay out a simple style guide and operating practice guide to follow for our content and collective business model going forward:

Not everything we publish has to be anti capitalist in nature, however your pitch has a much better chance of getting accepted if it has within it, themes and exploration of anti capitalist thought.

All content will be absolutely devoid of hate speech in any form as well as non explicit forms of discriminatory behavior such as dog whistles or micro aggressions.

For live streaming content we are looking for streamers for just about any game as long as that stream is interesting and does not violate our other style guidelines.

Tone can take on a joking nature but should not be complete piece of satire or a “shit post.”

Socialist Gamers is not a place for leftist debate or expounding on theory, while your piece may go into some detail to describe the theory and application of said theory, we will not accept pieces that attempt to explain a leftist sect and are about nothing else.

Content should be first and foremost about video games.

All submitted content subject to approval by editors.

Written Pieces:

Our editorial team will work with you to get whatever type of content you wish to publish ready for the site, and make sure it is concise, well written, and prescient.

Please submit all written articles and scripts for videos in .docx form.

Please try to use they or we instead of he or she.

Do not tab indent first lines of paragraphs.

When submitting an accepted piece for the first time, please include a bio of yourself and your experience in the industry.

We use for our style book.

Cooperative business guidelines:

Socialist Gamers does not own your content. You are free to republish your content wherever you want. However, other publishers must include a statement that the content was originally published in Socialist Gamers and include a link to our website, if you are republishing on our website we would expect the same in reverse.

We will endeavor to pay freelance content creators a fair royalty from our revenue sources as they may exist at the time of publishing, and thereafter should that content prove to be consistently driving traffic or interest, these metrics will be shared with all of our creators as to create an open and fair environment to which we all may be privy.

Staff writers and content creators will all receive the same pay and no managerial structure is to be implemented with each member of staff having equal say concerning all aspects of the sites goals, content, and pay structure. We seek to express our democratic ideals through how we structure our media organization to that end we will allow all future volunteers and employees an equal say in the website’s future.

Revenue will be sourced from donations collected from community members through whatever sources deemed the most effective at any particular time to achieve the sites goals, these revenue sources will be debated, and voted on within the websites permanent staff.

We are a small website that is attempting to build a socialist media alternative in the gaming space. This is mostly done on the backs of voluntary and free labor. With that in mind when we publish your work please try your best to promote that work and we will do the same.